Pregnancy – Why Chiropractic and Webster Technique is so important?

Pregnancy is a delicate moment where health is the top priority.  Expectant mothers can put a lot of time and energy into getting pregnant, so it’s even more critical that the events leading up to giving birth go as smoothly as possible.

Overcoming the stress of pregnancy can sometimes feel like climbing a mountain with all the guidelines, books, and classes we have been advised to follow, not including trying to stay on top of nutritional demands and exercise. The abundance of any one of these stressors can leave us feeling fatigued. If you are pregnant, or are trying to become pregnant, you are doing an awesome job, so keep up the great work.


Physical Stress.

As the baby grows, the mother’s center of gravity will shift, causing the body to adjust its posture and use more energy to maintain an upright position and move around. The release of pregnancy hormones, Relaxin and Progesterone, can cause the relaxation and loosening of muscles, ligaments, and joints. The average bodily changes of pregnancy, including the loosening of these joints and ligaments, can lead to discomfort as the distribution of weight changes.

Visiting a chiropractor during pregnancy can provide much-needed relief, as well as help in guiding the position of the pelvis, as we approach birth.


Benefits of Chiropractic care and Webster Technique during pregnancy?

Chiropractic care can help maintain a healthier pregnancy. This may include:

  • Relieving Discomfort in the Low Back and Pelvic Region
  • Reducing Labor and Delivery Times
  • Preventing a Potential Cesarean Delivery
  • Limiting Common Symptoms such as Nausea, Heartburn, and Urinary Incontinence
  • Supporting You in the Delivery You Want

A woman’s body is designed to give birth. A chiropractor can work with your obstetrician or midwife, doula, and others within your support system to help achieve the birth you want, the way you want it. Let your health care professional know you wish to see a chiropractor, and let your chiropractor know of any known complications.


When to see your Lakewood Chiropractor?

Anytime! The earlier, the better, with the best opportunity before becoming pregnant. Even if you cannot see a chiropractor until your third trimester, that’s okay. It’s never too late to focus on your health, or any of your concerns. Chiropractic in Lakewood can be helpful at any stage leading up to birth, including postpartum support. Ask your chiropractor about pediatric care for your little one.


Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

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