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You’re used to a white coat. A distant manner. Not feeling listened to. There’s typically nothing personal about your experience when you head to your medical doctor’s office. At Empower Health Chiropractic, you’ll get something completely different. Lakewood Chiropractor Dr. Nicholas Kirton, or Dr. Nicholas, takes pride in getting to know each patient on a personal level, forming a bond of trust with every individual. You’ll find him sincere and caring, along with possessing the knowledge you need so you can become more confident in taking care of your well-being.

When you focus on improving your health, you’ll have the strong foundation you need to promote long-lasting, positive changes in every other aspect of your life.



I’ve been having a great experience here at Empower health. Dr. Nicholas goes above and beyond to make sure I’m feeling my best. Highly recommend if you’re having any discomfort!

Benjamin H.

I have seen a lot of Chiropractors in my life and Dr. Kirton is one of the best. He is thorough and thoughtful in his diagnosis and will develop a plan to get you back to your best self in no time. Highly recommend him!

Kate P.

Dr. Kirton consulted with me regarding back issues and greatly assisted me in learning about my condition. He also worked with my husband with shoulder and neck problems. We highly recommend him and his services.

Cynthia E.

A Scientific Basis to All We Do

Dr. Nicholas is proud to offer chiropractic care that’s been proven through extensive research. One of his main areas of focus is postural correction through Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP®). A unique approach, CBP involves rehabilitation of your spine and X-rays that show exactly what needs to be done and marks the progress you make along the way.

When you combine this technique with chiropractic adjustments, you can experience full body wellness.

Supporting Our Community, Naturally

Dr. Nicholas was educated at the University of South Wales, graduating in 2017. Just a year later, the school was given the recognition of being the top school for health professionals. During his education, Dr. Nicholas learned about the latest best practices in chiropractic and participated in a life-changing mission trip to Haiti just after graduation. It’s Dr. Nicholas’s personal mission to provide chiropractic to others, sharing his gifts with the people of our community.

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Complimentary Consultations Offered

If you want to know more, a no-cost, no-obligation consultation is a great first step. You can come to the office to meet Lakewood Chiropractor Dr. Nicholas or talk to him over the phone. You’ll discuss your situation and find out if we’re the right place for you. If you choose, you can take the next step of having your examination to move forward with care. Are you ready to get started? Contact our practice now by phone or email to set up your time!

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