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Auto Accidents Care in Lakewood

It Was Just a Fender Bender….

Man holding neck after car accidentDid you know at just 10 miles per hour, there is enough force generated during a car accident to sprain the ligaments and soft tissues of the body? A surprisingly small fender bender could mean you wake up in pain in the days, weeks and months after a collision.

You might wonder, “Could that really be from my accident?” The answer is that we see many people coming in with injuries that are due to an incident that may have happened years ago. They didn’t get the proper treatment then, and as a result, their body healed incorrectly. At Empower Health Chiropractic, we restore your spinal alignment and the proper spinal curves so that you can improve your quality of life.

Promote Your Health and Healing

Your care with Dr. Nicholas post-accident involves a few different elements. You’ll receive chiropractic adjustments to realign your spine and joints. Then, you’ll also get physiotherapy and rehabilitation as a part of your service. Ultrasound is a therapeutic modality often used on accident cases, which expedites the healing of the body’s soft tissues.

You’ll also be given home-based exercises that are key in progressing your overall healing. We’re committed bringing you back to health as quickly as possible through our comprehensive care.

When you’ve been in an accident, you don’t want to have to navigate the often-confusing world of insurance by yourself. Our team is here to assist you with insurance. No payment will be collected up front. Instead, your balance will be paid off when your settlement comes in. Dr. Nicholas has worked with several attorneys before and understands how to properly document everything so that your settlement won’t be held up on our end.

I was checked out at urgent care and sent home. Why would I still need to see a chiropractor?

Though ERs and urgent care facilities give life-saving care, they cannot do what a chiropractor does, which is look for subluxation and damage to the body’s soft tissues. By locating and correcting spinal misalignments and rehabilitating the soft tissues of the body, you can experience a true, full recovery post-accident.
I don't think my accident was that serious. Should I still seek help?

You might be tempted to write off your accident as no big deal. It’s understandable that your first concern is probably your car and how much that will cost to fix. Keep in mind that there is no way to find a quick fix for your body. It takes time to recover, and you must do so in the proper way. Improper healing will only lead to more issues further down the road. Getting a checkup is a simple way to be proactive and ensure that you aren’t plagued with health problems in the future.
Will you work with my auto insurance?

Yes. We accept lien for treatment, which means no money is collected up front. Instead, the balance due is paid when the settlement comes in.
What happens if I don't get the right treatment?

If you don’t go to a chiropractor, it’s possible that your subluxations and soft tissue can result in scarring, which is an improper form of healing. You’ll experience chronic, longstanding problems, decreased function and disease due to your nervous system being unable to operate as it should.
Do you have experience in working with attorneys?

Yes. Dr. Nicholas has worked with numerous attorneys and handled many personal injury cases. He has the experience and knowledge to help you get better and properly document your case for your attorney and your insurance.
Can't I just take painkillers to help with my discomfort?

It’s always an option to pop some painkillers. The problem is, these tablets do not address the underlying cause of your pain. They serve only to mask what you’re feeling. The deeper root of your pain still remains, long after the effects of the pills have worn off. A chiropractor gets to that root cause to help you find long-lasting results.
How long will it take to start feeling better?

There are several factors involved in your recovery. Your age, state of health, the accident and the nature of your injuries all play a role in how quickly you’ll begin to feel better. A minor accident might take as little as six weeks to rehabilitate. More serious ones, particularly for those who may not have been in great health before the accident, could take about 36 weeks.
Do you need my insurance information?

Yes. Bring in your insurance information and anything else you have that is relevant, such as the contact information to the person at the insurance company that’s handling your case. We will take care of all the details.

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