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Postural Correction in Lakewood

Examining patient postureThroughout our lives, from the time we’re born, we encounter numerous forms of stress in our day. These stresses cause our spine and spinal cord to go out of alignment. It might be as simple as sitting for longer periods or using your phone frequently. As a result, your body will shift forward, moving you out of the proper posture.

The postural correction offered as a part of care at Empower Health Chiropractic helps to counter the stresses of life that result in spinal misalignment.

A Combination of Powerful Factors

Your posture can be improved through chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy exercises and weighted rehabilitation. With these elements combined, your spine’s natural curves will be restored. These curves absorb the compressive forces we encounter each day and help optimize the flow of energy from your nervous system to the rest of your body.

Postural correction is a vital part of chiropractic. If your spinal cord is stretched or deficient, the energy cannot flow through your body as it should. You can think of it like a dimmer on a light switch. Postural correction allows us to turn the lights fully up, improving your quality of life.

What to Expect

Your adjustment involves spinal manipulation therapy that removes any fixations in the joints of the spine. Then, postural corrective rehabilitation will involve weights applied to counter any postural deformities that have occurred over the course of your life. The weights are designed to restore the spine’s natural curvatures so that your nervous system can operate as it should. In addition, you’ll receive exercises you can do at home to enhance your progress.

When you come into the office, you’ll begin with having a form of physiotherapy such as ultrasound or electrical muscle stimulation. Ultrasound addresses scarring from injuries, while electric muscle stimulation relieves tension in your muscles. Following that, you’ll go to the adjusting area to speak with Dr. Nicholas and get your adjustment. Finally, you’ll go to the post-adjustment area where the weighted rehabilitation takes place. Dr. Nicholas will have pre-approved this for you based on the results of your X-rays.

You can complete the exercises you’ve been given at home when it’s convenient for you. Dr. Nicholas will provide you with exact instructions on what to do and how to perform each movement correctly.

Getting Results

Some people see quick improvement, while others take several visits to see progress from postural correction Lakewood. Your results will depend on your particular problem and level of health. If we don’t make the progress we expect, we’ll adapt your plan or care or refer you to another health provider. Contact us today to get started!

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