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Meet Dr. Nicholas Kirton

Some people come in struggling and don’t feel there is any hope for them. I love seeing them realize they have the ability to live a fulfilling life.

The Decision to Become a Chiropractor

As a child, Dr. Nicholas’s dad was the first to notice that his son had an uncanny ability to feel out problems and work with his hands. Thinking of Dr. Nicholas’s future, his father asked him if he knew what chiropractic was. Together, they talked it over. Dr. Nicholas had already decided on becoming some sort of health service provider. Chiropractic seemed to come naturally!

During his years at the University of South Wales, Dr. Nicholas truly fell in love with chiropractic. There, he learned about research-based chiropractic and got to apply his knowledge in the school clinic. All the studies were worth it when he would see the quick responses of patients, sometimes getting results after a single treatment.

Making the Most of Life in Lakewood

Dr. Nicholas was born in the UK and grew up in Singapore, Hong Kong and Kobe, Japan, thanks to his father’s job. Then, it was back to the UK and finally, to the U.S. Dr. Nicholas is the youngest of three sons and feels fortunate to have parents who have always strived to be there for their children.

Though he’s been lucky to see much of the world, Dr. Nicholas is still passionate about traveling and experiencing different cultures. He and his wife, Carolyn, like to travel whenever possible. Carolyn is an executive assistant for a blood technology company and who Dr. Nicholas refers to as his rock.

Together, they love exploring our beautiful state and taking advantage of all the outdoor recreational activities available. Dr. Nicholas enjoys mountain biking and other high-intensity sports.

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