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Empower Health Chiropractic

Dr. Nicholas Kirton, or Dr. Nicholas, attended the University of South Wales in the UK. Voted number one for health professionals, this school gave him a research-backed base of knowledge in how to care for his patients. In 2018, Dr. Nicholas began practicing, opening Empower Health Chiropractic two years later.

The Journey to Empower Health Chiropractic

Dr. Nicholas grew up all over the world, including living for a time in Florida, which is also where his wife, Carolyn, is from. They began exploring states and cities to decide where Dr. Nicholas would open his practice.

On a whim, he saw a great deal: a $30 roundtrip flight to Denver, thanks to a Black Friday promotion. As soon as Dr. Nicholas arrived, he was in love with Colorado.

It’s so beautiful here. The people are amazing and there are so many activities to do. I’d be happy living here for the rest of my life.
Dr. Nicholas

Hands making heart in sunMEET THE DOCTOR
The decision was made, and they moved to Lakewood. Dr. Nicholas has one goal in mind: to empower the health of our community.

We encourage people to take their health to the next level by changing the way they think about health care. Rather than using it to manage pain, you can use chiropractic to keep you injury-free and healthy for life. Though it’s necessary for people who have been in car accidents or experienced a type of injury to recover, once you get there, we can help you stay there, ensuring you enjoy the highest levels of wellness for life.

Dr. Nicholas is a practitioner of Chiropractic BioPhysics, or CBP®. Chiropractic adjustments are vital to living a healthy lifestyle. If your spine doesn’t have the proper curves, however, it doesn’t matter how many times you get adjusted – your health will not be able to flourish. By restoring the curves of your spine, you can restore your well-being. Your care with Dr. Nicholas will involve postural rehabilitation done in-house to make sure you get results that can last for a lifetime.

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Inspiration Strikes

Dr. Nicholas took a chiropractic mission trip to Haiti shortly after he graduated from chiropractic school. In remote villages without roads or electricity, these newly-minted chiropractors would adjust residents from all over the area. There was one little girl who was without shirt or shoes. Given a cookie, she didn’t gobble it up like you might expect. Instead, she broke the cookies into quarters, handing out pieces to each of her friends.

This little girl didn’t even have what most would consider to be the basics. Considering the well-being of her friends and loved ones, however, was never far from her mind. Dr. Nicholas was struck by the girl’s selfless actions. He began to view chiropractic much like that cookie – something that can be used for everyone in our community. Dr. Nicholas is excited to share the possibilities that natural healing can bring to your life and that of your family.

Promote Your Health

We’ll help you reach levels of health you may not have known were possible. Contact our chiropractic care center today!


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