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Chiropractic Care

Spine modelYour body’s nervous system has an essential function: to transmit messages from the brain to the rest of the body. It uses the spinal cord to communicate, making sure the right messages goes to the right part of the body, at the exact right time. If there is a problem in the spine, it affects your nervous system’s ability to operate at 100%. By removing any disruptions in the nervous system, we can increase your body’s energy flow and improve your overall health.

A Focus on the Spinal Curves

A subluxation (disruption in the nervous system) or postural shift can begin as early as the day you’re born. Without chiropractic care, you’re under increasing amounts of stress your body may not be able to handle. The normal, healthy curves of the spine are designed to resist the compressive forces of stress. If the proper curves aren’t present, however, the nervous system cannot function at its highest level.

Dr. Nicholas seeks to restore your health with chiropractic care and postural rehabilitation. The primary technique used in your adjustments is called Diversified, which is a combination of the “best of the best” chiropractic techniques.

In addition to your adjustments, you’ll receive postural rehabilitation using stress weights. The goal is to reverse the spinal curves and increase overall movement in the spine. You may also have a form of physiotherapy such as ultrasound or electric muscle stim. Combined, these elements add up to fantastic healing.

Does it hurt to get an adjustment?

No, the adjustment does not hurt. You may experience some post-treatment soreness, which is a result of the increased inflammation in the area addressed by the adjustment. To counter it, you can apply ice, which will cool down the area and promote healing.
Is chiropractic a cure?

No. Chiropractic is not about curing. Instead, chiropractic promotes your optimal health by improving the energy flow in your nervous system.
Should I get a referral from my physician to see you?

You do not need a physician’s referral to be a patient here. We can, however, work with your other doctors as needed.
Will I get an adjustment on my initial visit?

We get it – if you’re in pain, you want to start feeling better. There’s a good reason, however, that your adjustments start on your second visit. It gives Dr. Nicholas time to study the results of your examination and X-rays. In doing so, he can determine the best way to return you to a state of health, with no guessing involved.
Are there exercises given as a part of my care there?

Yes. Home-based exercises will be a part of the advice Dr. Nicholas gives, which will help speed up your healing.
I've had back surgery. Can I get adjusted?

??Yes. Dr. Nicholas has many techniques available and can select them based on what is most appropriate for you and your body, even if you have had surgery.
What are some of the conditions you see most often?

You might be surprised at the results people get from care. They come in with disc herniation, SI joint syndrome, gastritis, auto injuries and headaches, just to name a few. We can help with these and many more!

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